Thursday, February 6, 2014

Loving the Balance of Work & Life

Happy Valentine's Day to all of you! I hope you are all enjoying the beautiful rain we are finally getting here in the Bay and hope you are able to celebrate the upcoming Valentine's Day with a full heart!

Story of the Month

I am so excited that Swans Studios was featured in a recent article on Oakland Local. We are so proud of our new home here and for others to get a peek into Swans Market is terrific. Click here to check out the article and please come on down and check out Swans Market when you are in Old Oakland.

Hair Queen

February is the month of love! But instead of loving others this month, I’m challenging you, both my male and female clients, to put yourself first. Whether it’s a weekend away, a day of pampering, or just a few hours of “me” time, make sure you think of yourself this month and love yourself for a bit!

One very important thing you can do to love yourself this month is to get a scalp treatment. This time of year it is important to love your scalp because a healthy scalp means healthy, beautiful hair. During the winter months our scalps can become dry and flaky. A Scalp Treatment is a 30 minute service prior to your haircut.  It includes a scalp brushing; deep conditioner and a scalp massage for $45.00 – a nice treat for you.  Ask me for more details the next time you are booking an appointment.



Runs Businesses With Scissors 

As business owners we are constantly worried about the ins and outs of our business. Did I pay that invoice? Have I ordered enough products? When do I need to send out reminders to my clients? We get so caught up with the business side of life that we forget about the balance of business verses our personal lives.

With Valentine’s Day around the corner I want to encourage you to focus on your loved ones a bit more than normal this month. The reason my business is so successful is because I have a great support system. My husband and daughter have always been there to support me through my ups and downs and without their love and support I wouldn’t have the business I have today. Sometimes as business owners we can get wrapped up in the business side and put all our love and energy into it and only it, forgetting to spread the love around to those most important in our loves. For the month of February I hope you evaluate the “love” balance in your life and make sure to show those in your life that are supporting you, how much they mean to you.

And remember to reserve time to work on your business instead of in your business, setting aside specific time each week to support your business and client load with ease.