Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Oh What Fun, Its the Holidays!

Happy Holidays to all! I’m so excited about this holiday season and I hope you enjoy preparing for the holidays in these next few weeks.

Hair Queen News
While the holidays can be a stressful time, a relaxing visit to your hairstylist always helps. Although many of you do pre-book your appointments (thank you), I do have one or two openings in my schedule for December. Also, I am willing and able to juggle my day here or there to accommodate you outside of my online booking system. The online booking system reflects my regular appointment hours; I do hope you feel comfortable contacting me directly if you need to adjust your appointment or suddenly would like to come in. Without you I would not be the HairQueen!  

Contact me by phone at 510-444-6700, email at suzanne@suzannevanhouten.com, or book online through my website at www.suzannevanhouten.com.

Also, while doing your holiday shopping, I wanted to remind you to shop local in Oakland, specifically Old Oakland where Swans Studios is located. It is a great area to find interesting items for those “hard to shop for” types, plus you will be helping the local economy. Click here for more info about Old Oakland. 

Story of the Month
Step 2

Do you want to get that fresh salon blow dry every day of the week? Well here are a few easy, fast blow dry steps for you to get that great look whenever you want in just five minutes.
  • Step 1 - Apply Framesi BY Pearl Hydro Gel in wet (towel dried) hair, comb through evenly
  • Step 2 - Use a vent brush to blow dry hair in opposite direction of natural growth, tip head upside down, and get as much volume as possible.
  • Step 3 - Apply Framesi ID styling paste, use fingers to finger style
  • Step 3 & 4!
  • Step 4 - Smile at yourself and have a great hair day!
The Framesi products and vent brush that I use to get this look are all available at the salon so if you are interested in purchasing, please let me know the next time you are in. 

Runs Businesses With Scissors 

For those of you who are business owners and are thinking that your business needs some revitalization in 2014, make sure to give me a call for a 30 minute consultation, which is free with any of my consultation packages. I would love to go over your business's status and look at ways to help you in 2014. 

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

A Season of Change

Hair Queen News
Can you believe it is November? Where did the time go? Now that I am fully moved into Swans Studios I want to remind everyone to start booking your holiday appointments now. Openings will be filling up quickly. If you have a special event or party that you need to make sure you are looking your best for, please book now to make sure you get a spot on my calendar.  Also, I’m very excited to be offering products again. As a Framesi color educator I have the full line of Framesi Color Lover hair color available as well as product BY Framesi.

Story of the Month
Thank you once again for making the transition with me to my new salon, Swans Studios (find us on Facebook, we have a new page!). We are finally settled in at the new location at 936B Clay Street in Old Oakland. I’d like to also welcome two associates to the Swans Studio family, Tim Piper and Laura Traversa.  Tim has over ten years of experience as a barber and also does excellent warm lather shaves. Laura has over 18 years of experience as a hairstylist, colorist, and also specializes in bridal hair and updo’s. 

Parking update 
I’ve been able to compile a bit more information on parking around Swans Studios. I hope this information makes it a bit easier for you to visit us.
  • One hour meter parking on 9th
  • Two hour meter parking on Clay St.
  • 7th & Clay there is an all-day parking lot for $6 on weekdays & $3 on weekends 
  • Between Clay & Jefferson on 7th St. there is $1.50 an hour parking in the lot behind the police station and directly across from MexiCali Rose

Runs Businesses with Scissors

Now that things are in order I’m ready to start seeing business consulting clients either face-to-face or have sessions over the phone. If you or someone you know is interested in help with their business please let me know. If you would like to talk in more detail, or request my consulting package pricing information, feel free to call me at 510-444-6700.
You may also email me at suzanne@suzannevanhouten.com. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Welcome Home!

"The ache for home lives in all of us, the safe place where we can go as we are and not be questioned." ~ Maya Angelou

Signing the new Lease!

As I announced last month, I have found a new "home" to see my hair clients, as well as my business consulting clients, and I truly could not be happier than I am at Swans Studios, located at 936B Clay Street, in Swans Market Courtyard, Old Oakland.

When embarking on this new journey, I wanted to create a place where both my clients and I felt relaxed, at ease, but yet also inspired. Leann Sebastian from Rockridge Furniture and I worked really hard over the last few months selecting paint colors, furniture, salon products, and accessories to really create an enjoyable atmosphere. It doesn't hurt that my commute is a staircase, as my home is located directly above my new work location.

Swans Studios Color Palette

Of course, I couldn't have made this transition without the help of a great team. First, Victor Escobar with ADA Commercial Services at (510) 316-6382, helped with the buildout. Next my great marketing guru Kate Schenk at (812) 320-8729, for helping update all my marketing tools, communications, and building the new website. Kate is taking on new clients, so feel free to contact her if you are interested in social media, marketing, or communications assistance. 

Desmond's Work
Finally, Desmond Murray is a local gardener living in Oakland who has worked in horticulture for the past five years. Desmond likes to incorporate natives and drought tolerant plants in the design of urban gardens to create a welcoming environment.  He is now accepting new clients (415) 272-9677.  Desmond is giving 10% off for those who mention this blog post upon consultation (you can also email Desmond at desmondtmurray@gmail.com.) 

I'm very excited that this new location has a boutique salon feel, which is really the new trend in the industry. It gives clients a new level of privacy, allows for new forms of collaboration for me, and an ideal environment to see both my salon clients and business consulting clients.

My new "Office"
I am so excited to see you soon at Swans Studios.

Location Details:
936 B Clay Street
Oakland, CA 94607

Contact Details:
Website: www.suzannevanhouten.com
Email: suzanne@suzannevanhouten.com
New Salon Phone Number: 510-444-6700
Facebook: SuzanneVanHoutenHairQueen
Twitter: @SVHHairQueen

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Change is in the "HAIR" - Take Two!

I was walking my dog Never (named Never because I said I would never get another dog) in the courtyard of Swans Market recently when I noticed that the space below my home was vacant. I thought to myself I could put my consulting office there. So, after long consideration and planning, I’ve decided to put my consulting business office, along with three private hair studios, in the vacant space. Never say Never!

Therefore, change is in the “hair” once again! I am so excited to announce Swans Studios located at 936 B Clay Street in the courtyard of the Swans Market building in Old Oakland.  

I have loved my time in Rockridge but now it is time again for a new chapter. For my hair clients, your appointments will remain the same but I will see you at my new location at Swans Studios. Clients may still reach me via email at Suzanne@suzannevanhouten.com and you will still be able to book your appointments at www.vagaro.com/SuzanneVanHouten. 

Also, I have a website now! Please visit www.suzannevanhouten.com for additional information. The site is a work in progress so many changes will be taking place over the next few months.

Transportation & Parking around Swans Studios:
Parking: meters on surrounding block, 9th St., 10th St., Clay, and Washington; The nearest paid parking lot is on 8th St. and Washington. There is also a paid lot at the Marriott Hotel at 11th and Clay. 
BART: Swans Studios is just two blocks from the 12th St BART Station in downtown Oakland.

For those of you that do not know the area, Old Oakland is a historic neighborhood with shops, restaurants, offices, and residences. I look forward to seeing you soon at Swans Studios.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Beach Hair, Beach Brain

Somehow I missed writing my blog in July…where did the month go?!  

Hairqueen News
We are in full swing summer mode, so you know what that means...yep, that’s right, beach hair baby!

I will be going to the beach for a week in August and to the country for a week in September.  Just writing about this I can feel myself relax...

I hope you will or have been able to travel a bit as well.  May I remind you to take care of your hair and skin, especially during your fun in the sun?  Sunscreen, hats, and lots of water are a good recipe for success.  And it's not too late for a summer cut and color, check out this link for summer hairdo idea -  Summer Hairstyles

My behind-the-chair advice is condition, yes, deep condition but even before that, use a clarifying shampoo to remove chlorine and sea salt and product build up.  Beautiful locks and a healthy scalp take special attention.  If you need recommendations for quality clarifying shampoos and deep conditioners just let me know. Also, you could have a deep conditioning treatment in the salon – it’s a treat.  And you deserve special attention!  

Story of The Month

For those of you traveling by plane - please remember to hydrate and move about the cabin.  One of my clients suffered a blood clot in her lung after a six hour plane ride.  My client had a window seat, a drink to unwind, and did not want to disturb the other passengers by getting up and down.   The clot was discovered in time and treated but it could have been fatal. I want to grow old with all of you so please enjoy your plane rides with water, wine, walking up and down and wiggling your hands and feet!

Runs Business With Scissors News

When we rest we have a chance to reflect, to see where we have been, and an opportunity to think about what is next. Summer is the time to plan for fall. Speaking of planning, I have created packages for my consulting clients and I hope that one of the packages will work for you. Please contact me if you are interested in more information.