Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Life is short, love your hair.

Life is short, love your hair.
It begins when you look in the mirror and are grateful that you can see.
Grateful that you can see the hair you have or not.

Feel the skin on your body and scalp.

Smell the soap and shampoo in the shower and hear, yes hear the blow dryer.

Daily rituals of beauty, we can so easily take for granted.

After seventeen years of owning and operating a salon just one block from my home in Old Oakland, I relocated to Right Angle Salon in Rockridge, Oakland.

At first I was uncomfortable, it has been a long, long time since I have been the new girl.

And just as long a time since I have had a commute, taking BART some days and some days driving the car I share with my husband.

One day, shortly after the move I came home with a new hat.  One of the stores between my new salon home and the BART station had sucked me right in.  My husband said “this move could be expensive” and he was right, because shortly thereafter I came home with an Interior Decorator.  I saw a sign for a furniture sale and the next thing we knew we were sitting down with Leann Sebastian from Rockridge Furniture designing a plan to redecorate, sort, and purge our loft.

Sitting down with an Interior Decorator, an expert in the field of home decorating has turned out to be a valuable experience.  Through her expertise we have learned new and different ways to work with the home we have, to appreciate, love and see it in a whole new light.

I like to think that my clients feel that way about me.  That by sitting in my chair they come away with a new appreciation for the person they see in the mirror.  With my consultation they come away with a plan for their own image and daily rituals of beauty.  They can appreciate, love, and see themselves in a whole new light.

 Life is short, love your hair.

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