Friday, September 28, 2012

Autumn Forecast

I was enjoying a short break in a sunny cafĂ© in the middle of a busy hair day, sitting across from my lovely young marketing assistant, Katey. We were discussing my blog and how it is going so far.  Katey said that I should mix it up a bit. Even though I agreed with her I could feel myself becoming self-conscious. Writing is different than standing behind the chair with my trusty scissors in my hand.
In the words of the late Lyal McCaig my first hair mentor, “you're only as good as your last haircut” – is this true of your last blog too?

Lyal McCaig was the founder of Capitol Beauty School where I got my first Cosmetology License.  I loved Lyal McCaig. For a man from the Midwest he was very hip, a breath of fresh air for my then twenty something self, recently immigrated to Omaha.  From the streets of London to the streets of Omaha - Lyal was my savior.

And I suspect  he liked having a girl from London with punked out hair in his cosmetology school.  Lyal encouraged his students to learn all aspects of hair styling as well as too study fashion and hair magazines. Right now the fashion and trade magazines are forecasting fall and here is what they say:

This fall we will see cooler blondes and brunettes and spicy reds.  Sunny golden blondes will become beige-y blondes with icy highlights.  Redheads will spice things up with shades of burnt copper and hidden pieces of cinnamon and nutmeg.  Brunettes will become heads of cool chocolate. 

My fingers are itching – my Framesi Hair Colour Book is ready for show and tell. I think I will put a highlight of icy blonde in my blu-black low lighted hair too.  

See you behind the chair or blog side soon.

Happy Fall : )

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Mirror Mirror

Run towards your life
And look in the mirror
At your beautiful self along the way

I have noticed over the many years that I have stood behind my chair, that one or two of my clients have a bit of a hard time looking at themselves in the mirror, and in that moment my work has begun.

My client has made up their mind that there is no hope for a transformation from old to young, plain to pretty, awkward to gallant, no hope for a physical change let alone a nice cut and color.

Before and After Make-Over articles are very popular in magazines and in the media.  It is true that I can transform the outward appearance of my individual clients but it is beyond my scope to transform their spirit when they are down in the dumps and having a "bad hair day."

Recently, one client sat in my chair with a serious case of the "old and uglies."  I  listened, and listened some more. Then I took a breath.

I know more about this client than just her hair.  I know, that like many of us, she is bone tired, over worked, worried and on the edge of being burned out. I also know it is her wish I create a style for her that requires little to no effort to look great.

In our youth we can roll out of bed, throw on a t-shirt and jeans, brush our teeth, run our fingers through our hair and go. But, when one is a little older it takes a bit more effort.

Yet, many adults resist the reality that we need to make more effort.  The truth is it is important to choose the correct products, have regular salon appointments, and embrace the daily rituals of self care.  All of which can help lift one's spirit  in the midst of a hectic life.

We cannot roll back time but we can run towards our lives with our eyes wide open and see the beauty we are today.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Life is short, love your hair.

Life is short, love your hair.
It begins when you look in the mirror and are grateful that you can see.
Grateful that you can see the hair you have or not.

Feel the skin on your body and scalp.

Smell the soap and shampoo in the shower and hear, yes hear the blow dryer.

Daily rituals of beauty, we can so easily take for granted.

After seventeen years of owning and operating a salon just one block from my home in Old Oakland, I relocated to Right Angle Salon in Rockridge, Oakland.

At first I was uncomfortable, it has been a long, long time since I have been the new girl.

And just as long a time since I have had a commute, taking BART some days and some days driving the car I share with my husband.

One day, shortly after the move I came home with a new hat.  One of the stores between my new salon home and the BART station had sucked me right in.  My husband said “this move could be expensive” and he was right, because shortly thereafter I came home with an Interior Decorator.  I saw a sign for a furniture sale and the next thing we knew we were sitting down with Leann Sebastian from Rockridge Furniture designing a plan to redecorate, sort, and purge our loft.

Sitting down with an Interior Decorator, an expert in the field of home decorating has turned out to be a valuable experience.  Through her expertise we have learned new and different ways to work with the home we have, to appreciate, love and see it in a whole new light.

I like to think that my clients feel that way about me.  That by sitting in my chair they come away with a new appreciation for the person they see in the mirror.  With my consultation they come away with a plan for their own image and daily rituals of beauty.  They can appreciate, love, and see themselves in a whole new light.

 Life is short, love your hair.