Tuesday, June 26, 2012

My Hair Story

My very first job, as a Saturday girl was in a small, charming hair salon in North London, England.   Shampooing, sweeping, removing rollers, blow drying and styling, I was in my element at the impressionable age of 13 years old I was hooked. North London was a brilliant place to grow up, a mecca of fashion, music, art and style. I absorbed this smorgasbord of beauty and culture deep into my bones.

Here in America I am delighted to blend my English “roots” with my American dream, and, much of my American dream has been very wrapped up in the world of beauty. My instruments include my sissors, my comb, my brushes and products! My days are full of cutting, styling, highlights, lowlights, all over color, a whisper of blond, a shock of bright red, blending and toning greying tresses – my client is my canvas.  In the mirror I see the physical changes my hands create. Yet, I know from many years behind-the-chair as I am witnessing the transformations of my clients, my work is just one part of the manifestation of an individual’s beauty.  Beauty is so much more than our outward appearance – it is the spiritual aspect of beauty combined with the physical that brings forth each individual’s own unique beauty and style – to witness and participate in this transformation day after day is a gift and a privilege. 

As one of my clients Mary H. would say, "I love the way you color my hair Suzanne, I am 60 and proud of it, and yet my friends and family think I am hardly grey  – little do they know!!"

I suspect that what they do see and know is Mary’s beauty and spirit as she navigates the trials and tribulations, joys and sorrows of life. Over the years that I have been apart of Mary’s life, I have witnessed these changes too.  I gave her a mid–length bob haircut when her marriage ended and her world turned upside down.  I gave her a smart and elegant haircut for her new position in her professional world.  When romance re-entered her life I gave her a super sexy haircut!!  And when her younger son left for college, it was time for a haircut that is fringy and free.

I have an affection for beauty -
I love to see the extra lift in my clients step when they leave my chair.  I love that moment my client sees their gussied up, gorgeous self in the mirror and they smile.

I have an affection for spirit - 
I love to see the spirit in my clients shine forth – newly coiffed ready to take on the world.